Gorgeous Oblivion

She hadnt heard from him in awhile. Another damn injustice. Another fret. Another bothersome denial.

Until his text arrived.

*What sudden urge I have, sweet one.

Whithin that instant, she raged and sighed. What ego he had, what gall! How dare he just…

*I’m almost there, be ready.

The physical response to his second text was nothing short of electric, subversive. A command or a threat, possibly a bit of both.

She realized he caught her in his web, the more she squirmed, the more she tried to break free, the tighter it became. She wanted him, she wanted to give herself over to him. She wished she didn’t feel so drawn like the moth. He burned as flame does, all but ashes in his wake.

She jumped when the knock came. Her legs trembled as she walked to the door. She gripped the knob knowing that by opening this door, it could not be closed. That the deal would be struck, that he would win…again.

She took a breath and…

…she found her gorgeous oblivion.

He led her to it.

He led her to it.


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