My Desires and My Monsters

As the lust I carry begins to spill over the sides of the cup, I become lost in the thought of only you.

If I were to gently brush back your hair, simply to whisper my desires and my monsters, would that sinful grin grace your lips again?

Could we destroy each other with a smouldering glance? Please?

When our storm fronts collide, would the gods themselves marvel at the blessed clatter? Would they cower in shame at the display, ruminating over the idea that mere mortals had dared rival the passions of the heavens?

Would we hold one another, as precious, as ephemeral?

If I asked, could you mark me as yours? I will not ask…I will plead.

Do these words and wishes speak to you? Are they thoughts you know deep, know as acient and revered, yet never spoken…not to you, not yet?

Has your body responded to me?

Would you follow me to our ruin?



4 thoughts on “My Desires and My Monsters

  1. “Could we destroy each other with a smouldering glance? Please?”

    How can anyone deny your please?

    So many questions to be answered… Will they ever be answered?


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