I Have Noticed You

Skin like velveteen and curves seemingly from the tender hands of a master sculptor. Lips that start fist fights and eyes that start wars.

And oblivious to your own beauty.

I have noticed you. My god, how could I not?

You are a part of my world and you don’t know. I dare not say anything, I could never find the words or the sentiment to draw your eye.

I have seen joy shine through you like blinding sun. I have witnessed a despair reside in you that would crush a lesser spirit.

Do I want you? There is no question. But more, I need you to want me as well. Desire me. I want us to get caught in such a centrifugal force of thirst and passion that we are made legend. A story told for generations of the ideal. The example of what love and lust and burning hunger can be when perfected, mastered…embraced.

I hear your laugh, and I ache. A longing like to take years off my very life.

You walk past and I shake for an eternity afterwards.

An accidental glance from you and time stops. Cold.

I would gladly present my own fluttering heart to you.

If I could only craft the words worthy of the perfection my eyes see in you.


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