Every Violation a Sermon

This night is not gentle. No, this night is for sacrifice, tribute…consecration of the flesh.

Sin for sin, my pet, we will advance our claims to a union forged from sacred impurity. Every act a hymn of obsession. Every violation a sermon.

I will anoint you, sanctify you, mark you as martyr. You offer your lips, I take your throat. You present your flower, I demand your cunt. You cry to the heavens for more, I kneel and posses your soul.

I unleash you.

Your demands are lust and open flame. You consecrate me with your mouth and take my offering. You baptize my sins in the wicked flow between your thighs. You nail me to your luscious cross, and crown me with thorns of appetite.

…then throw me to the lions, my pet. Whatever pieces are left after you have torn me asunder.

And I will fuck you angelic.


14 thoughts on “Every Violation a Sermon

      1. Oh, I am a VERY VERY G00d Sinner. If I am going to spend eternity in Damnation and Hell, I want to be completely versed in the finer arts of Sin. Will you teach me? Will you convert me? Will you Baptize me in the water? Please…show me the way.

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      2. I feel the need. It floods through my veins and courses through my heart. It fills me with an insatiable desire to be healed and bathed in the light. Wash over me, cleans me and claim me as saved.


      3. Open your mouth and let me place my communion on your sinning tongue, let the power and glory fill you until near bursting, may you tremble as you exalt your blessed joy to the heavens with cries and moans of reverent ecstasy!


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