The Proximity Was Nuclear

Our origin was…unique.

I cried out into the digital night, many years ago. A deep and powerful harmony of words, desperate for a melody. The first responders were shallow, mechanical, ignorant or clueless…

Then YOU answered my call from the void.

You didn’t ask, you gave no disclaimer, you simply sang the melody to my harmony. And it was a rich song. We teased and prodded, we pushed and pulled, we danced to the end of…

We lit a fire neither of us were expecting, intending or ready for.

Skeptics, both, we tried again. The party, the diner, the park, the porch swing, the morning coffee. It was unlike anything I had experienced, each thought gifted to the other and returned, as if one voice.

You made me swear to not love you. I swore.

A promise broken.

When we dropped the illusion, the masks, the fourth wall…we walked down a path of perfect and horrible timing. Our hearts both swearing at us, and egging us on.

When we met that first time, fuck, the proximity was nuclear.

Nails down your thigh, nuclear.

The talks, the confessions, the undeniable, deep connection. If I didn’t believe in fate before, I questioned it now.

We played, we grew closer, we commiserated our losses and celebrated our victories and we began to see each other as blissful equals. Something we had NEVER experienced before.

You came to me one day. We made the words a wet and heady reality.

We kissed like the last two people on earth.

We went through a hell of my choosing.

We, because of your grace, survived.

We both broke a promise.

We both fell…into a void of our own design.

40 thoughts on “The Proximity Was Nuclear

      1. Absolutely true. I have a few bits and pieces scattered to the wind myself. I am lucky that every missing piece is something good for me. Not all the relationships were good, but they all taught me something and helped me grow into who I am today. What happens tomorrow will change me for the day after that. It’s all quite intertwined and beautiful.


      2. I just try and be observant and a good student. We should all learn something new about the world and ourselves every day. I like to surround myself with interesting and insightful people, just like you. 🙂


      3. I find that ultimately, nothing else matters. People and how we interact, that is the thing. Everything else is construct or window dressing. Life is about how we attract and collide. And I’m very fortunate to have collided with you.

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      4. I completely concur, Sir. I know you have read my post about someone I felt an intense connection to, just disappearing in a puff of smoke. We collide with so many different people in our lives. Some collisions lead to a permanent fusion and some just ping off, sending both parties in opposite directions. Once in a great while, two objects that pinged off each other, will again come into contact. Whether the second collision results in a fusion or just a new redirection, still remains to be seen. 🙂

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      5. I don’t know what my one freebie would be. I think I might have to hold onto it for a little while, until I find the one burning question that I just HAVE to know. I want you to be able to ask the same of me. Anything. Anytime. Just ask.

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      6. Fair enough. When you do, I will be very open in my answer. And I too will ponder my question. You have already proved to be an amazing woman with complex facets, i’ll bide my time and choose just the right inquiry. I’m very intrigued by the possible stakes of our little game, Sweetheart. =)

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      7. I like games and I don’t mean to offend. I like electricity and mystery and worthy opponents. I enjoy passion and drama and things that transcended everyday life. I don’t mean it as superficial, I just think that the most important things should grab you, shake you to your core, make you swoon a little. Deep truth, those things we keep to ourselves and only reveal rarely, they become the most relevant and impactful. I don’t play games for sport, I play games to garner insight into the other player. And the fact that you called me on it means you have already taken the advantage. Extra points for calling me Sweetheart!.

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      8. I am electrified at the prospect of having met a worthy adversary. I have a feeling that the advantage I may have gained in this move will soon be reclaimed by you in another. If it is game, of any kind, that you desire, then let’s play. To the victor goes the spoils. In this case, I see the possibility of both sides emerging victorious. XO

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      9. I think, in the end, what we play is a game that causes the other player to desire more. When played correctly, both players are compelled to the same endgame. When both want more and more. Win-win scenario.

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      10. And that is a god damn super power, Sweetheart. Something I wish to glean from you, in very impure ways and means. Not gonna lie, you fascinate me in both proper and filthy ways. You did then, and you still do now.

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      11. Well, you make a boy all butterflies and loopy. And tantalized a little obsessed and fucking hard. So I guess we are bad influences, and by bad influences…I mean really fucking bad influences for each other, and I’m really, really good with that.

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