You sent me a link to a video late last night…an indecent little vid-cap that you thought I would like. You were right, we share the same carnal affinities and unique perversions.

She was large breasted, dressed in an elaborate, yet revealing costume, violating herself with a very large instrument of pleasure.

The video had an immediate impact upon me, my cock. Although, I’m still unsure if it was the costumed vixen bringing herself to a sloppy release, or that I know you watched and brought yourself to a similar wet end. You gripping your own toy, playing and plunging in time with her. As if she were performing for you and you for her.

Before long, I had done my own sticky performance, my hand and stomach coated with the what she (and you) coaxed out of me.

I took to browsing, and found another video, two eager women discovering the pleasures of each other, in a fashion that was anything but…gentle.

I copied the link and pasted it as text and hit send.

I can’t wait to see what I get from you in return. Something just as carnal and perverse, I’m sure.

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