Adrift On The Digital Sea

Oh, darlin’…you have a secret, don’t you?

A quiet, little digital life…kept sacred, guarded from the outside world. Hiding in plain sight, yet hidden from view.

A world where you create yourself from sexy screen name to each color you choose to splash the fabric with. You pour a well crafted version of your heart out through the keys, the parts that need nurturing, the parts that need revelry, the parts that need something untoward and base.

You need this outlet, one that allows you to be the person you are, but the world might not understand, might not be ready for. Is that it? Are you protecting us from what dwells within? Or are you hunting for the like-minded, the open, the savage, the feral?

I read your pain here. Words strung in such a fashion as to bring any heart to it’s knees. I read your strength here, an immutable spirit to not only survive, but claim victory over life’s transgressions. I also read your passion, it jumps off the screen like a lioness, pouncing. All these sides and emotions, demanding freedom from your soul, stuffed in a bottle made of bits and bytes, set adrift on the digital sea. I found the bottle, darlin’.

We might break the ice in a comment thread, we may like one another’s post…we may push the boundaries of decorum and email each other directly. What more will I glean? Would I begin to know you through the white spaces between your words? A portrait through omission? Will you spill a secret? Let a truth through? Linger too long on a reply?

Darlin’, I’m here too. My secrets, my truths all carefully crafted.

What do the white spaces between my words say to you?

11 thoughts on “Adrift On The Digital Sea

      1. Nobody knows you here. They only see the you that you want them to. You will find that with me, what you see is what you get. However, those I know in the “Real World” who know me best, don’t really know me at all.

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      2. Yes, Sir, it sure is. Here, if you reject me, it doesn’t hurt as much, because I never really knew you anyway. (although, it does sting when someone you really enjoy, just disappears. FYI) 😉
        But, when it is someone you see face to face, and you reveal some deep, dark, critical part of who you are and they reject you, the hurt is quite intense. I don’t like that kind of hurt. I’m sure nobody does. 🙂

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      3. I have fallen deeply in love with a woman who works for me. I can’t express it, for a multitude of reasons. I have spent months trying to turn it off, to no avail. I have decided to distance myself, wall up. It has ended a friendship, but hopefully salvaged the working relationship.

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