Sits In Stillness

Months had passed, or had it already been years? Longing’s low and dull ache has a timeless quality, that masterful property to have the sensation of being born knowing it, even when the wound is fresh.

There comes a crossing over, a moment that can pass without even marking it, when the longing lessens. It finds a corner in your heart and sits in stillness. It simply becomes part of the surroundings, present but overlooked. Often overlooked.

It awakens from time to time, a place, a those moments just before sleep takes you. It has the capacity to bring down a great clatter, a rattling of the cage, a silent scream of the unfulfilled, the unspoken. Even those moments pass.

Longing is not something you let go of.

At some moment, of longing’s choosing…it lets go of you.




4 thoughts on “Sits In Stillness

  1. Your last line is a second of life that I fear when it comes to critically important elements of life, especially on matters of love or my personal outlook on what makes life important. I always think that people who look dead in the eyes have let go and been let go of. I imagine that darkness fills the vacuum of longing when it has been forgotten. Sometimes I intentionally swim about in darkness so I won’t forget the richness of longing. Longing is like suckling on life’s possibilities.

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