Ascension and Abandon

The sensual and the feral. I have tasted both.

I have intertwined my body, with some, to a deep earthly rhythm, and had my monster lured out to play by others.

A gentle, long touch. A sudden sigh close to my ear. the light brush of hair across my skin. All exquisite. Just as the tight grip, the sudden bite to my neck or the claw scrape of nails down my back.

The sensual is art come to life, the dreamlike beauty of caress and love and crescendo. A performance where you are both performer and audience, lost in a work created by sacred union.

The feral is animalistic, a primal state of hunger and lust and collision. We are born to it as creatures, we fight it as civilized, we are overcome by the base need to devour,  to mark, to cast off the kind and consume without care or consequence.

The loving grace of gentle touch and the beast like maul of a great fuck. Ascension and abandon. A balance in all things, an infinite playground in between.

Have you tasted both?

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