The Best, Worst Mistake

Let’s just fuck and take a torch to our miserable beige existence.

Make the best, worst mistake of our lives, and actually live for once. Not just break the god damn rules, but reject them outright and make our own bill of gloriously wrong rights. Sovereign and salacious.

Drown out the ignorant naysayers, the hateful critics, the worried and worrisome chorus of detractors. Silence them with our cries, repel them with our moans, offend their precious senses with our utter disregard of their feelings, while declaring our freedom, signed in the mark we make upon each other’s flesh

My cock, your cunt. Our mouths, our skin, our deviant and lustful hearts, all tools to found a new fate. A bold, new world of our wicked design.

Our past, most likely a shamble. our future, quite possibly a maelstrom that consumes us whole.

But a storm that whispers in the gale force…”This is what you desire…”

Let’s just fuck.

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