A Lunatic Thirsting

The miles tick off behind me into nothingness. My velocity causing the periphery to blur like warm oil paint on a tilted canvas. I’m coming for you.

I have all but notched hash marks in my own skin, counting the days that seemed to painstakingly stall until now. I’m coming for you.

The destination is fueled by a single minded urge, an immutable drive, an instinctual hunger. I’m coming for you.

Unrepentant in my disregard for anything or anyone else, obsession bordering on madness, a lunatic thirsting for your vast, salted oceans. I’m coming for you.

And like a spent runner, hobbling each weary step across the finish, as will I be as I collapse into you and I can see the wicked glint in your eyes as you resurrect me with sin and salvation.

I’m cumming for you.

3 thoughts on “A Lunatic Thirsting

    1. Sadly, my profession has cut into my pastime and I have been forcibly kept from my keyboard. I am hopeful that i can come up for air in the next week or so. Thank you again for being such an amazing supporter of my overly-wordy smut! 😉


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