Desire I Color You With

Who you really are, that’s irrelevant right now.

You are an amalgam of hues and facets, careful omissions and crafted fantasy. I have gleaned enough to roughly sew together a vision of you. A doll painstakingly constructed of what crumbs you have given, and what talents and perversions I only imagine you possess.

I play with you in my mind, seasoning your unknown secrets with my quiet desires. Mystery and myth with enough truth to cause my blood to rush. In my dark, hot corners, my heady, hidden spaces, you hold court over me, over my flesh…my mind.

I wonder if you had full glimpse of how my lens imagines you, would you bask in the wanton desire I color you with? Or would you blush from the wicked spotlight of my insatiable minds-eye?

For now, who you really are is irrelevant…unless who you really are is more than I could imagine, more than I could handle.

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