A Primal Song of Sin

The pleasure I am about to elicit, that I am mere moments away unleashing, will stagger you. That is truth. Snarling, untamed, insatiable truth.

Oh, Sweetheart, I’m not offering your run-of-the-mill, toe-curling, eyes-in-the-back -of -your-head, grab-the-sheets kind of experience…far, far from it.

The impending ecstasy will be wholly transformative, you will fly with gilded angles and howl with ungodly possession. I will show you a path to undiscovered limits of desire, expose you to forbidden tastes and hunger, I will teach you a primal song of sin and sedition and unrelenting sensation. A song to make the gods weep.

My hands will caress with the lie of comfort, only to spy where you are soft, where you throb and tingle, where your wetness betrays you. My mouth will map you, each curve, every tremble, each succulent flavor of you anointing my tongue. My cock will respond to you, wake and want you, impale you, violate all manner of you. I will fill you, fuck you…I will fucking fulfill you.

With each thrust, each sloppy, powerful collision into you, you plead for more and beg for respite. Your voice demands a total onslaught, your body already wracked  oblivion.

And yet, I will not relent. That is truth.

The truth that makes us cum.

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