The Glory of This Feral Creature

Can you take this?

I’m quite serious, do you honestly believe you can handle what I have? Everything that is pent up, roiling just under the surface. Do you have the emotional and physical capacity to be the focal point for this, a desire so brutal and raw that it could very well tear both of us apart?

I need you to understand that what I carry, this insatiable monster inside me, this voracious beast, is hardly contained. My civility, my capacity to maintain, is frighteningly close to a lost cause. That, let loose, the carnage will be wide and woeful and wonderful, but darling, you have to be sure you want this.

What I am, under this facade of gentle, is purely predator.

Do you seek the chase? Do you long for consummation? Have you always known in your heart, and between your legs, that you were meant to be prey? Will you laugh with delight as I lick my lips before playing with my hard fought meal? Will you scream the name of the hunter, sing to the glory of this feral creature that I am so dangerously close to unleashing upon you?

All you need do is whisper yes.

Or, if you have become mute with trembling anticipation of the impending, exquisite onslaught of your senses and your flesh…

…you may simply nod.

Only, if you think you can take this.

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