What I Know of Your Heart And Eyes

I know you have a delicate heart, I see it through the nicks and cracks of your weathered facade. I hear it between your words, the ghosts of secrets, the undercurrent of cherished fantasy, unrealized.

Your eyes choose this very moment to betray your desires. Neither the look, nor the unspoken demand (or was that a command?), would ever be considered decent. You needed a filthy-sticky intimacy. A hair-matted, toe-cramp, debris-field, fuuuuuuuuck, type of intimacy.

Your words speak of weathered malady while your body pursues a blessed cure.


3 thoughts on “What I Know of Your Heart And Eyes

  1. Oh Sir, do you have any idea how happy I am to see words that dripped from your fingers? You know how to read and describe those most intimate and private of moments and thoughts so completely. Another beautiful post of hair-matted, toe-cramping words. Thank you. 🙂


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