If You Promise to Hurt Me…

I don’t just want to sleep with you, my pet, that would be woefully pedestrian.

I want to fuck you in such an instinctual and animalistic manner that we are both brilliantly ruined. Where nothing is left to give or receive, where we feel the ungodly urge to repent afterwards. I want us to be wanton beasts.

I know that I am not alone in this need, I can smell the lust in your breath when you speak, read the dripping hunger in your words. Break me, pet. Tonight, this act alone is your pre-ordained manifest, it is mixed in your blood. Take me, pet. Take every bite of the forbidden, every taste of the unknown, every base and primal pleasure of the unwritten.

If you promise to hurt me, I will smile at each mark…however permeant, and pet, make them all matter, each mark, each break, each luscious lashing.

Mark. Me. As. Yours.

If you do this, I will promise to hold back nothing. Every deep desire wished for, fulfilled. Each perversion, explored. I shall leave none of your dreamed indecencies forgotten.

We understand, with heightened clarity, the mutual violation we are longing for, are aching to withstand. My pet, breathe air into your lungs and demand it all from me!

As tonight I am begging it from you.

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