My Darling, Exploit Me.

Exploit me.

Use me as blunt object, cheap instrument, treat me as warm meat. I feel your rage at all things, your vitriol at a world that made you feel small. I see your heart break before my very eyes. Work all of that out, exploit me.

I’m neither subjugating, nor submitting to you. I am offering my flesh for your fury, my skin to scar and mark and wash with the paint of pure violence in the name of catharsis. My darling, exploit me.

I assure you, I will avert my eyes from yours, I will let your fires burn this world while you tear me asunder, while I cloak myself as effigy for your pain. Defile yourself, beautiful, with my strong hands, my quiet mouth, my loyal cock. Scream out as you dig nails into my body, draw blood…draw reason. I stand before you, whispering to you, exploit me.

Let the insanity and inequality of your life drain away with every angry thrust, every feral command, every aggressive wave of pleasure. Spike me into you like needle into vein. Transfer all of the misery and misfortune into my body.

Harm me to help you, my love. Exploit me.


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