After All the Miles

I toured my past this week, like a stranger to my own previous life.

The people were familiar to me, but in that way that a book or movie series reacquaints you in the sequels. They had greyed and slowed a bit, but the spark in each of their eyes hadn’t dimmed. We were all young again and wildly full of wonder still.

Some were family, the souls that know you best, share your blood and history. The younger ones were happy and caught up in the current phase of babies and weddings and lives still budding. The older, content with their choices and regrets, still hopeful that even better was just around and proud of those they raised. We told tales and shared dreams and felt the bonds of home that only family can bring.

Some were friends, the family you choose. We picked back up like I had just returned to the room with a beer…14 years later. We laughed at how close to destruction we came in our stupid days, we shared wisdom of the paths we had taken, we relaxed into a comfort that only complete trust of ages can provide. We cursed like teenagers and drank like old men and marveled that we were still standing, after all the miles.

Some were lovers past. Familiar and trusting on a protective level. They had moved on, built lives with right and wrong men, married and re-married, know the blessings of children. The love was still there, changed…protective and joyously relived. We spoke in a language only we knew, carved from a path that saw us as one, and not…and now more family than maybe my friends or my blood.

I toured the past this week as a stranger, knowing in just a short while, that world is mine once again. Knowing I’m coming home.

One thought on “After All the Miles

  1. Interesting walk through the past via the present. Achingly familiar even after all this time. Some of those categories are familiar to me. And yet I don’t know where I would fit if I drew a similar map.

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