A Union Of Abandon

To fall…into you.

Inside of you.

To allow myself the torrid indulgence of both discovery and release. The focused attention to the gentle details that make your soft skin tremble…the unleashed fury of primal nature edging your body to rock and buck.

Caving to the need roiling within both of us.

Casting out the sorrows and the burdens and the regrets and the silence of the cold.

Forging a perfect molten moment, cast in the fires of sinful urge and finished with a glint of wild obsession.

We shall forego any reason and succumb to lustful intuition. A union of emotional and physical abandon. Exhaustion.

Our cries, a language of our own design.

Our thrusts, a dance as tribute to the heavens and earth.

Our pleasures, immeasurable. Inglorious.

We shall sacrifice worlds, and render ourselves…


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