This Not-So-Silent Night

The bells and garland be damned, I want some nasty.

Some down home, sweaty, oh-fuck-yes-right-there, comfort and joy.

Bindings made of blinking lights, stockings optional.

Arms and legs flailing, ornaments breaking, jingle-bells deep inside you, making damn sure we top the naughty list, Fuck the Halls…fa la la la laaaaaHHH!!!

I’ll open you like a pretty wrapped gift, with all the grace of a kid on a sugar high.

Oh what fun it is to ride! Oh…what…fun.

Ho Ho Oh My Fucking God you feel good. Cry out and cum for me on this Not-So-Silent Night, baby-doll!

And when I frost you like a ginger bread cookie, I’ll wipe myself clean on that ugly sweater with the reindeer on it.

Then we’ll do it all again.

Unlike Santa…

…we’ll cum more than once tonight.


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