Everything You Never Wanted

Gentlemen never tell…I assure you, precious, I have never been mistaken for a gentle man.

I have a past, an agenda, an appetite, horns and teeth…and while my marks on your supple skin may fade, the evidence of my presence will always remain, felt.

I do not work alone. You play a pivotal role, my pet.

Much like the dark tales of lost ages, I must always be invited into your world. Welcomed, with a crystal understanding of what outcome that malefic choice carries. It is not enough for your lips to speak the words, your full spirit must ache for it, demand this feral consummation.

Nothing about this is love, this is exquisite intimacy, damned. This is a dance of aggression and unrelenting cravings, yours and mine. Do not hold back, my darling, I…will…not…break.

You may explore all your hidden taboos, your deepest, most hedonistic tendencies. All those thoughts that you dare not think, oh my precious, please play them out to your heart’s desire. Fill yourself.

I am mirror and conduit and monster and savior. I am lust and pain and impresario and blessed madness.

I am the priest who makes you cum.

I am the pimp who cares for your wounds.

I am what you desire in the black of your heart and the depth of your wet cunt.

I will break you apart to allow you to feel whole again.

I will give you everything you never wanted and always wished for.

I will mark you…when you are ready.

When you are ready.




8 thoughts on “Everything You Never Wanted

      1. In all sincerity, I really love to see a new piece from you show up in my reader. You have the most delicious talent for evoking tingles and desire. Please don’t ever stop writing. It would be a true loss. 🙂


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