You Write Poetry With A Glance…

You have a passion about you that blinds a lesser soul, radiant and pure in your hunger for life.

You make the world into what you desire, not content with how it is, but set on molding it as it should be, open, dynamic, sultry, kind, mischievous. A world of endless dreams made reality and endless desires quenched. You thirst for knowledge and experience and touch and feel. You see existence as canvas, not subjugation. You love with a heart so powerful, it brings tears of abject joy to men and women alike.

You have eyes that shatter, that complete, that wound, that heal, that set ablaze. Eyes of dark embers, smoldering with an ancient light from within. You write poetry with a glance and epics with a gaze. When you speak, you have my undivided attention, commanding armies with a whisper.

Your strength is in your vulnerability, you embrace the fragile nature of your soul. You weep and mourn for the loses, the bitter anniversaries, the missteps and the sudden pangs that visit you in your dark hours. You accept them as yours, you guard them and greet them and keep them in their proper place as prominent shards of a beautiful mosaic.

You carry a feral beast, as we all do. You have made deals and signed treaties, contracts to choose the times and places to set it free. You have an innate ability to eviscerate a lover with intention and the grace to resurrect them with tender intimacy.

You are a champion for the underdog, the fringe, the overlooked and the broken. A motherly instinct to spread joy and hope to the joyless, to those who have lost their way.

You are vengeful and terrible in your protective retribution, you fight for the right and just and god help any figure who underestimates the unholy cataclysm you unleash when wronged.

You, under everything, posses a wonder for all things magic, all things mystical. You subscribe to the laws of kismet and chance.

Your laughter is truth. Revelry and bliss in such an honest form, that also can bring tears of joy to men and women alike.

You are the muse. The one. You are the vessel that fills the missing pieces of my own fractured mosaic. You are MY love.

Now, if I could only find you…

6 thoughts on “You Write Poetry With A Glance…

  1. Oh, don’t you play. You know where she is…”she” lives in your gaze, your views. She is you. You are the muse.
    Your words are the beginning of something very interesting to write. I wish I wasn’t so tired. xo, J

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