Bury Me In You

A combination of your heady, intoxicating scent and how your taste lingers on my lips,  I may have come a bit undone.

My heart, tongue and cock all stammer, dumbfounded by your earthy grace and your playful, wicked vitality. Fully impaired by your dark charms, whispered incantations and artful indecencies.

Allow me this moment, lost to the sensation of falling, disguised as flight. Lay with me and take me inside you, rough and wanton. Drain me and drown me. Take from me more than is offered but all that it cost. Bury me in you.

Leave me broken and whole.

And when I fade from light, spent in our lovers grasp, raise me from the dead and let me drink again from your invigorating waters. Let me taste the salt upon my lips and lose my mind for you, once more.

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