You Seek Not A Soulmate…

You like big words. The loquacious acrobatics that render you mute.

You devour the printed page like a beggar to a banquet. You find a sharpened mind the ultimate in aphrodisiac. You measure a man, not in inches…but I.Q.

Size queen.

There is also a hopeless idealist hiding in that guarded heart. A world where joy and love are currency, and compassion the highest of virtues. You seek not a soulmate as much as a kindred.

In life, you live simply…in dreams, you soar the heavens and create beauty with a gilded touch.

You carry wants and desires, but practice a profound gratitude that your needs are met. You freely search for love, passion, lust, comfort, but you do not derive nor deride your identity when those connections are in …retrograde.

You seek a partner to share the now with. An intellectual instigator, an altruistic accomplice. You want a complimentary catalyst. Where the pairing burns brightest together.

You have not seen a life of smooth road and blue skies, you know the miles your soles have seen. You have felt the pangs of deep loss and the joys of grace and divinity. This has gifted you a quiet wisdom that plays confidant to your heart.

You have made peace with pain that teaches. You breath free.

You choose your best self, you live as real.

You live your truth.

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