The Door Had Now Been Opened

“You’re in my head.” She quietly admitted.

The resignation in her shaken voice was not defeat, no it was a weave of true shock at the effect he had over her being, coupled with the unintentional submission to his will. She was now his.

She didn’t have to like it, it just was.

She first noticed trouble a few weeks back. Thoughts turned to emails. Emails to texts, then to calls. She would laugh at herself, label it a crush or, at best, mild infatuation. Deep, she knew better.


She would touch herself with the mild fantasy at first. His hands and soft kisses on her skin. Over time, the fantasy and frequency of her private sessions grew. Her mind racing about with thoughts of his strength and finesse, to the past few days. Almost lost, fucking herself time and again, screaming out for him, cumming because of him. Powerless to just the idea of him. Imprisoned by nothing but raw, wanton lust… for him.

It made her angry. It made her frightened. It made her want him more.

She is a smart, strong woman. Single, secure and successful enough. She was just lonely and a little frustrated when she happened upon his CL post. It had an edge, an intense voice to it that took her.

She only had replied to posts a few times, nothing more than average naughty email distractions, throwaways if you will.

This post had a tone to it.

Like a door that maybe shouldn’t be opened, one carefully crafted for the special few or one. She typed her reply, and sat there, heart racing, frozen. Maybe her little voice knew, even if she didn’t. Maybe her little voice hit ‘send’ for her. No matter, the door had now been opened.

It seemed like an eternity passed before his reply arrived. She was so unconsciously keyed up, the email alert caused her to jump, startled. She opened and consumed his words like warm aged liquor, a libation that quenched and intoxicated her.

Things he said, things he’d do, and things he’d done. He played every string with the precision of a brooding master. She was caught already, she just wasn’t aware.

Back to this moment.

Her confession to him. His steady breathing at the other end of the phone. Driving her mad with the silence. Once he felt she had had enough, in complete control, he calmly spoke four words.

“It’s time we meet.”

Those four words made her suddenly cum.

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