To Satiate My Cravings

My phone rings and I know you are ready. 

I sit my glass down and mark the book, placing it on the small table next to my chair. I casually slide my thumb across the smooth, cool face of my phone and bring it to my ear. 

“You made me wait.” Is all the greeting you receive. 

“I’m sorry. He’s here now. He wants to know what to do.” Your voice is tentative, unsure. Anxious for this to happen. 

“He is to remain silent. You will relay my instructions to him. You both will do as I say. Am I understood?” My tone is firm yet calm. A tone you succumb to, a tone to make your legs tremble. 

A tone you trust.

I used that tone to send you hunting. Prowling the old grounds for a plaything. A useful toy for this sand box of erotic indignity. I had an interesting hunger strike me, I sent you off to fulfill it. 

You set your trap, caught your game and dragged him to your lair by his cock. Now, to satiate my craving. 

“Are you still wearing your panties under the skirt?” I ask. 

“Yes. The lace ones.” Your voice quiet like a whisper. 

“Tell him to pull them down to your ankles, but nothing more.” Once said, I hear you repeat the instructions to the man. There is a shudder in your breathing, over the phone. 

My voice is present again in your ear, “I assume his hands have reached under your skirt, fingers between fabric and skin, tugging them down away from your now damp patch. Then down the bare skin of your legs?” 

“Yes.”, you quiver. 

“Have him reach under your skirt again and rub your clit.” I command. 

There is a pause. 

“Yes, I will tell him.”, again I hear you relay. 

Within moments, your breathing changes. Then a moan that cascades to a few more. 

“He may finger you now.” I allow.
I hear you, between pleasure’s gasps, tell him my latest edict. Your sudden cry of pleasure is my proof that he has done my bidding. My own cock has risen, brought to life with the sounds elicited by this stranger’s fingers darting into your wet cunt. 

“Oh, baby. Do you like what you’re hearing, baby? Oooh, do you like hearing me banged??” You moan into the phone. 

I know when you are close, I hear it in your voice. I remember that quiver of abandon as your body is pushed. 

“Have him stop. Then turn you around, bend you over and let him fuck you now.” I am extra firm to cut through the fog of flesh that I know you are currently lost to. 

“Ok, baby. I’ll tell him.” You reply, winded, ravenous. 

As you and he assume the exact position I desire, my hands unbuckle my own belt and free the rigid erection from my slacks. Gripping my shaft in preparation for the pending act. My phone, back at my ear in the other hand. 

“We are ready, baby. Should he fuck me now?” You ask permission. 

Good girl. 

I simply answer, “Yes.” 

You scream out as his hard dick plunges into you from behind, I hear air leave your lungs at every animalistic thrust. Down the phone line, I can make out the sharp, forceful slap as his hips collide with your ass. 

“Oh fuck, baby, ahhh, he’s fucking me so good! Oooh, he’s fucking your girl with his fucking huge cock and I fucking love it!! Oh, oh, oh he’s so deep in my pussy, baby! Oh fuck!” 

My hand is stroking in time with his thrusts now, my cock engorged by this delicious violation of you. 

By your ecstasy at the hands of another. 

My breathing labored, my teeth clenching. 

“Fuck, baby, he’s going to cum in me! Oh fuck yes, he’s shooting his cum in my tight little cunt! Oooh baby, I’m cumming too! Oh fuck, oh yes, baby! I’m going to cum on his fucking hard cock! Can you hear it, baby?? Oooh, fuuuuuuck!!” 

We all cum together. 

He in you, you on the phone and me, here. My own hand and cock coated with the cum you coaxed out of me. 

Controlling my body with your preciously slutty routine. 

My craving is now sated. 

“Thank him and let him leave.” I say, not fully composed. “Then come to me, don’t freshen up, am I understood?” 

I hear you say, breathlessly, one last time on the phone, “Yes.” 

I end the call, set the phone down and slowly, sip my drink. 

I realize… I now have an entirely new craving.

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