The Opening Act

The band took the stage two songs ago, the crowd in the club is energized and at capacity. Shoved in, hoping to get close to the band.
I am there, being pushed and moved through the mass of club goers. Sweating from the heat of the group and buzzed from the drinks before the show, I let the crowd move me where it will.
It moves me behind you.
My crotch is shoved into your ass. You look back and make eye contact with me and I yell “SORRY” in vain, knowing you can’t hear me over the loud music. You give me a sly grin and turn back to the show.
Crowd surges to the stage again, and again I press into your ass, this time you grind it into the now growing bulge in my jeans. I still try to write it off as accidental, you were probably just dancing, you didn’t really do it on purpose, not to a total stranger.
I’m dumbfounded when you reach back and grab me by my belt to hold me as you really rub your ass up and down my crotch.
I put an arm around your waist and feel your hips gyrate to the deep thunder bass that pounds our bodies. You start bouncing your ass on my dick to the beat of the drum, if we weren’t both clothed, this would be us fucking. 

My cock is so hard from what you’re doing to me, I might burst through my zipper.
The band plays a ballad and you settle back into a grind. You take my hand from your waist, I assume to be done and move on from our moment.
I’m wrong.
You bring my hand between your legs and guide it, you’re rubbing your pussy through your jeans with my hand! I’m dizzy, this really can’t be happening! You let go of my hand and I continue cupping your mound, rubbing it with the music, your ass moving on my cock in time with my hand on your pussy. The crowd is too oblivious with the show to notice me groping you. I feel you move your hands down to mine, you use them to unsnap and unzip your jeans. You grab my hand and thrust it down your panties.
I almost cum as I feel how wet you are!
My fingers find your swollen clit and I rub it in small, strong circles. You reach back and grab my cock through my jeans. As the band plays faster, so do I. Rubbing back and forth now, as hard as I can with my hand down your jeans, your panties. You dig your nails into my bulge, you’re squeezing so tight now!
As the band reaches its rock and roll finish, the crowd screams and so do you.

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