Is It? Or Could it be?

Is it how I absentmindedly stroke your hair when we go for one of our long talks? Or is it how I grab you by the hair as your lips surround my shaft?
Is it that I hold your hand, almost like a sweet old couple, when we walk down the sidewalk together? Or could it be how I hold you down by the wrists, taking you rough, when we fuck.
Could it be the sweet little kisses I give you, the ones that make you giggle and blush? Or maybe the the aggressive worship my mouth gives to your throbbing clit and your smooth cunt?
Is it the little things, the gentle niceties, like when I open a door, give you my coat, push in your chair? Or possibly the deviant thrills, like when I spread open your legs, give you my cock, push inside you?
Do you want me because I leave your heart warmed and touched? Or is it because I leave your ass hot and marked?
Is it because I make you laugh when you
need it? Or, is it because I make you cum when you beg for it?
Is it how I make you feel beautiful, like a true woman? Or how I make you feel craven, like a true slut? 

What do you sweetly dream about? 

What do you obsessively lust for? 

What side of you do I have, tonight?

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