A Vivid Mystery

“If you have never stared off into the distance,

Then your life is a shame”

~Adam Duritz : Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby  

I dream. Often.

My mind wanders through an infinite number of possibilities and pairings, what-if’s and wonders.

There is something that reoccurs in those lucid walks through my mind…a woman.

It is not someone I have met yet, although many of the women that have collided into my world have a trait or two. This woman is still a vivid mystery.

She has deep auburn hair and a timeless gentle soul. I have have spent lifetimes with her and yet, never spent one second in her presence.

Her eyes are compassion and pain and strength and whimsy and can bring my very soul to break.  My heart has felt her presence in the laughter playing in the currents of a gentle breeze.

Her mind is razor-sharp and playfully-wicked, balanced with an innocent curiosity and a love of love itself.

She is music. Laughing melodies and sullen harmonies and driving crescendos of brilliant light. I can dance like a child to the chorus of her honest magnetism.

Underneath her light spirit is a foundation built on loss and owned missteps, giving her a depth of self-awareness and wisdom that propels her to soar, only afraid of a life un-lived.

She is lyrical and open to all things, like a palette of infinite color.

If I close my eyes so tight as to water, I can glimpse her mischievous smile.

If I do not find her here, now…I am content to know I WILL find her. Somewhere.

As dreams go, she is as real as anyone or anything. My heart knows this as truth.

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