The Words of Wiser Hearts

“I used to think that this was my town,

What a stupid thing to think,

I hear you’re fighting off a breakdown,

I myself am on the brink.”

Jason Isbell – Hope The High Road

It’s kind of silly, all the effort we exert to try and maintain the illusion of control.

We con ourselves into the facetious notion that we can will our worlds perfect, that we can craft things, situations…people, into some glossy image of pinnacle.

It’s solid bullshit. 

We know this as a truth, yet we still aspire to a fantasy standard. An optical, emotional, social fallacy.

I have been told, in the words of wiser hearts, that it’s only when we let go, when we give up the notion of control, that is the inciting incident for our path to enlightenment and bliss.

If I give up those reins, it will be due to a weary soul. A cosmic apathy that may set in.

Then change can begin…or so I have been told.

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