Neither Amused…Nor Civilized

After ages, I once again catch the seductive scent of heady need.

I shake off the fitful slumber, and rise.


Crazed with the mightiest of thirsts. Racked with pangs for the feel of your craven and candied lips. The taste of your silken, slick skin. The warm depths that demand focused and feral exploration. My burden is the memory of of our fiery union and my only thought, my only end, is you.

While I hunt, deep within, I know that I am being baited, lured into a web of your weaving. Were I more civilized in this moment, I would be amused by your sly games. In this moment, though, I am neither amused…nor civilized.

I am the basest of animal, urge and pheromone, adrenaline and obscenity…beast and burden.

When I close upon you, the sinister glint in your eyes betrays the vestiges of prey that you present. You, my huntress have taken me as prize.

You parry, and taunt and snarl in a manner that gives this beast pause. You pounce and counter and cry to your Valkyrie gods!

And you break me until docile.

And I will submit to you, anointed in the sweat and the blood. Sated by my newfound subjugation.



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