Play What You Feel

Under the canopy of a majestic cosmos, you lazily strum your guitar to the syncopated crackle of the dancing fire I tend, I can think of no more perfect moment.

Awe struck by the simplicity of the night sky, the light jangle of your strings and the giving warmth of this flame, I squeeze my eyes shut and try with all my will to commit each detail to a forever memory.

You must have glanced over to me at that moment as you quickly change your chords and sweetly play a few bars of “Smoke gets in your eyes”, and I chuckle.

I sacrifice another scrap of wood, stoke the embers and come sit next below you, on the cool ground. You ask for requests and I simply reply, “Play what you feel.”

I was expecting a soft, reflective melody to score the gratitude we both must feel for the gift of this moment. A beautiful lullaby, dedicated to the very real treasures of life and love and being present.

What you strum is far from that…you play a torch to longing and hunger, your accompaniment would have been the low rumble of war drums, if you listen close, I swear you could hear them. Beating out a rhythm of wanton, earthly desire. A seductive spell, cast with heart and music to the nature that surrounds us.

You finish and I am entranced. It is a talent that you have always possessed over me.

You gently lean the guitar against the log you have been playing from, take my hand and place it at your cheek. My god, I ache at how beautiful you are, stunning in the firelight.

You glide down to the ground next to me and take my breath with the softest kiss.

I take you by the hand to some haphazard blankets we threw down earlier and we both kneel, facing each other.


Reverent in each others gaze.

Like consecrating a union under the blessing of the heavens themselves.

The fire that we create could bring day to night, warmth to an entire generation, burn deep into the earth itself.

We mark the world with nothing but our naked selves.

Under the canopy of a majestic cosmos…


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