…With the Warm Smile of a Gracious Hostess.

“Just so we’re clear, you want to sneak back to the cars and fuck me? Right now?”, I ask.

I’m both terrified and also ungodly aroused. Looking around to see if anybody heard me, as I think I said that way too loud.

“Right. Now.” you respond. a little annoyed and a touch commanding. “Please?”, you add, with feigned innocence.

“Here, at the company picnic? 200 feet away from YOUR husband, MY boss?!?” I add, in a hushed panic, “Are you high???”

“Maybe.” You bat your eyelashes for effect., “Just a little.”

I stare at you in silence for what seems like eternity, wondering how this started at Christmas. Knowing that I’m a walking dead man. Hoping that I have just enough willpower to put an end to our “little thing” and pray that it all goes away quietly.

“Five…..four……three….”, You begin that countdown of yours. Oh, shit.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!….SHIT!

“Your place or mine?” I acquiesce , just under the wire.

“Give me two seconds.” You say, as you turn to walk back to Gary. Gary McDougal, the Co-Founder and General Manager of our media consulting firm. The man who hired me out of college and took me under his wing. The man I owe my entire professional life. The man whose stunning wife is about to be swallowing my twitching cock in about 5 minutes.

Mother-fuck….I think need Jesus.

From this distance, I can see Gary introduce you to one of our bigger clients, I see you light up, laugh, make small talk and then turn and whisper something in Gary’s ear. He smiles, gives you a peck on the cheek, his brow furrowed, and you peck back. You say your good-byes to the clients with the warm smile of a gracious hostess, and begin walking toward me.

You don’t even slow your gait when you walk past and whisper…

“The White BMW x5…I’ll give you 5 minutes.” and you walk the trail up from the park grounds to the upper parking lot.

I check my watch, look around at the blur of summer activity, the staff and their families enjoying a carefree day of sun and food and the hospitality of a grateful employer.

Fuck, I’m just the worst.

I begin a slow walk up to the parking lot. When I get there, I can see the SUV you mentioned, on the far side of the lot, out of view of all but the closest of peepers. I approach the passenger door and see through the light tint of the windows that you’re in the driver seat, skirt hiked, panties no-where-to-be-seen, and you are slowly rubbing yourself off with two slick fingers. I open the door and you don’t even flinch, you actually slide the fingers inside you and let out a lost moan as I take  my seat and close the door quickly to not let the moan escape.

“I…uh…got tired of…waiting.”, you breathe out, between jolts of smooth pleasure.

picking up the pace with your fingers, the small space amplifying each wet slap of your hand driving inside you, drunk on the euphoric scent of raw sex and high on the unspoken thrill of the danger. You begin to shudder and grip my thigh. As your muscles contract you grip tight, nails deep, and you cum loud in the confines of the BMW.

Before I even have time to move in, you are on me. Tearing at the buckle of my shorts, reaching in for my aching cock. You run your tongue up my shaft and then take me past your lips, your mouth and throat sliding me down as I let out a guttural, primal sound of rough gratification. You claw at my chest as you take me down again and again, wild and with abandon. Your cum-crazed eyes lock onto mine as I begin to write and buckle under the sensory overload. And just at that precise moment of edge….

I must have writhed over your keys, because FUCK ME!!!…if I din’t go and set off your car alarm.

We both clumsily and with amazing urgency, find the keys and disarm the blaring siren coming from this, the scene of the crime.

We rush to compose ourselves and each slide out of the car…me, crouched like a guilty ninja, trying to find my own car without being caught (and castrated…and fired…and possibly, castrated again).

I see you lazily sway as you make the hike back down to the picnic, you glance back once.

From this distance, I can see you laughing with the giddy smile of a gracious whore.

I’m so fired.

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