Any Company Christmas Party, USA

I’m too drunk to notice where you are leading me. My head is spinning and all I can focus on is your perfume and your ass in that slinky number. Not sure I’ve ever seen it before, but that might be the liquor talking.

Whoa, this room is a little dark…can we hit the ligh…no? Oh…alright, it’s just I…

…OH Fuck, you’re grabbing my cock. Holy shit! Are we in the copy room?

Merry fucking Christmas!

In my stupor, I start to fumble with my belt, but you deftly push my hands away. You unzip me and I feel your nails scrape against my skin. I shiver and almost buckle under the sensation. You trace the outline of my cock through my boxers and then tug down the waistband and expose me to you.

In the dark room, the din of the party down the hall, I feel the hot breath of your anticipation on me.

And after a moment that feels like eternity, your slick tongue glides up the base to the tip. I writhe and find anything I can to steady myself with, still woozy and boozy.

You take me into your mouth and slide me down your throat, and again. You grab on of my hands and bring it to your head, and I grip your hair and guide you, force you to fuck me with your mouth. I hear your gasps for air, Your moans of desire as I bring you down on me faster and harder.

When I explode, I hold you on me, ensuring that you take every steam, every last hot drop that you drew from me.

I release my grip, winded, spinning. I feel you stand, you down me close and kiss me deep and salty. Your filthy tongue and mine.

You push away and head back to the party, leaving me ruined.

Through the haze of the alcohol and endorphins, I realize only then…that you are the bosses wife.

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