Achievement Unlocked

(And an older one…for my geeky/gamer readers…)

“I say we play strip Magic: The Gathering!” she said, the mischievous glint in her eyes gleaming through her glasses.

“I can’t, I really need to finish this report for work.” he replied, too distracted to even look up from the excel spreadsheet gracing his laptop.

She sighed.

“D & D/s? I’ll play as my submissive Wood Nymph Archer, Na’tale!” she offered, hoping to get his attention.

“Maybe later, hon. I really need to finish this.” Was his distracted answer.

She “harrumphed” and plopped down on the couch. “‘Tis fine, M’lord. I shall occupy my time with affairs of recreation and mirth until thou wishist to bugger my dew laden flower.”

He didn’t even react, too busy slaying the dragons of accounts payable and reconciling the foul deamons of corporate finance.

She grabbed the Xbox controller and fired up their copy of GTA V. Maybe some random violence and comical criminal debauchery would distract her from the “Lustful fire that grows unabated from her maiden loins.” Maybe she can unlock an achievement or two.

He worked, she played. He would curse under his breath at the numbers he was working with, she would curse openly about the police helicopter that just blew her up after a particularly daring heist. And as the stolen car she was in exploded into a massive ball of flames, the Xbox controller rumbled and vibrated in her hands.

“Hmmm…” She thought. The geeky glint returning to her eyes.

She pressed the controller between her legs as it rumbled, and Bazinga! Her privates lit up like a Korean Starcraft server!

She was now on a mission… To keep getting blown up in the game. Each digital demolition sending vibrations to her clit, like a +1 Lightning Bolt spell.

The more she died, the closer she got. She would drive a hot car off a bridge and almost cum. She would let loose with a spray of automatic gunfire and the vibration would arch her back. When the SWAT chopper returned with their rocket launchers, the ensuing devastation created on the screen was echoed with such controller vibration that she shook with wave after wave of game induced orgasm!

When she regained her senses, she straightened her glasses and noticed he was standing next to the couch. No longer distracted by his dull finance work, but entranced by the mystical ritual he just witnessed from his sexy little Wood Nymph.

“If you get the bag of dice, I’ll go procure the Sacrificial Dildo of Enduring Gratification, my wench!” He announced with newfound valor.

“As you require, M’lord.” she panted back.

Even though they hadn’t started playing, they both knew she pwned him.

He’s noobz, she’s L33T.

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