By Some Lustful, Celestial Power

Mainly, I sketch with words.

Catching glimpses of arousal, the essence of a moment, a glimmer of salacious fire.

A snapshot of lust.

Sometimes, I miss the mark. The light changes, the words escape me, the scene is lost to simple memory.

Once in a while, the gods smile upon me, and I capture a wet dream with such clarity, that the scent of sex fills the room, the tastes fill my mouth, the sensations electrify my skin.

As if the words were divined to me by some lustful, celestial power to gift, choosing this mortal as mere vessel for their sexual folly a delight.

I’m humbled when my writing seduces you, when my way with words entices you, when a turn of phrase brings you to a trembling edge.

That is why I continue to sketch, why my digital parchment will paint with sex and lust and all the colors of wanton, naked hunger.

I write to make us both cum.

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