That Time

There was that time you greeted me at your door wearing nothing but a smile that could stop a hurricane. And that time you put my hand between your legs at the table of our friend’s dinner party.

What about the time I was over, you were late for work and I made you call in sick? Well, I didn’t make you. I just offered you a much better alternative for your day. Remember that?

What about that time you wanted to go to your first sex shop? How big your eyes got. We howled at some of the ridiculous gadgets and contraptions, and then it got serious. You made me so excited when you found the things you wanted. That night at your place started like Christmas, you tearing into bags and boxes. It ended in a marathon of exploration, experimentation. Ecstasy.

Then there was the time on the stairs at my house, not even making it up to my bedroom. Too much need, too powerful the desire. And that time in the car, like teens at make-out point. The tap of the officer’s flashlight startled us. He played it all business in telling us to move along, but he must have been laughing all the way back to his cruiser. That will get the heart going!

Oh, and that time you emailed me the sound of you cumming? And I went into the bathroom at work, just to make one to send back. I still have the file you sent me, saved. It still makes me cum.

What about the time you bought that black lingerie? You had that extra glass of wine and devoured me! You almost broke me in two! I know now, when you wore it, I was in for it. I love that lingerie.

There was that time I had to travel for work. Our calls those nights are still some of the hottest things we’ve ever said to each other. Damn, the words that came out of your mouth.

It saddens me that it’s over now. You were my cute plaything, my sexy partner in crime.

But now that our husbands know, its too complicated.

Remember that time we first tasted each other??

I’m sorry, I’ll stop.

I miss you, Sarah.



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