The Urgency Of Twilight

The sun seemed to hang at noon much longer than expected. Or, more likely, I chose not to pay it any mind, hoping that it would stay midday forever.

I have seen my summers pass, from a window. Letting this self made fortress protect me from mistakes, misdeeds, and bitter anniversaries.

Wisdom tells me that those wall aren’t keeping out the Huns, the usurpers, or the conquerors.

No, they keep out the light of the saviors.

I watch each summer come and go, foolishly counting each day away, like a currency I can earn back.

The sun hangs lower today, and I now feel the urgency of twilight.

How now to fell the walls and ramparts of my own design and again, feel the warm kiss of the setting sun?

In exactly the same manner that this all began…one brick at a time.

5 thoughts on “The Urgency Of Twilight

    1. It’s funny, I think introversion is my default. Not that it’s good or bad, it just is for me. I think this speaks more about the crisis of midlife. When you realize you may not have been as intentional with your life, or strayed far from your path, and suddenly hear the loud tick of the clock…

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      1. Introversion is definitely my default…
        I can see what you mean now with midlife crisis… sorry I missed that *feels dim* There is a tendency to watch life go by while we focus on jobs/kids/etc… reminds me of all the people who say ‘Didn’t have much of a summer this year!’ When I’ve been out most days enjoying the sun on my face and they have been stuck in doors working.
        Well, the clock may be ticking my friend, but don’t feel the pressure, there are a great many things about aging that are better/easier 😊

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      2. I actually have spent a few years pulling down the bricks, doing those things that I want to do, with intention. I think this was more an observation of those in my circle, who are facing twilight and are frozen, unable to remedy their lot in life. On a complete side note, don’t *feel dim*, I love that you found your own interpretation of what I wrote! 😀

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