Years. I have spent years in these pages in one form or another, searching. I have caught glimpses and shades, a faint scent of perfume or desire…like they just left the room a moment before.

They exist. I can taste it.

My muse.

Has it always been you?

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I just started reading your posts. Your writing is amazing.

    My guess is that you have found more than one muse, perhaps not permanent ones, have had quite a few fascinating experiences, or are an INCREDIBLY astute observer of people…. You describe events and feelings that so closely remind me of things I have experienced or imagined that I almost feel as if my life and mind has been observed! I am absolutely captivated!

    I admire the way that you can so keenly describe these situations in rich, beautiful prose, and even as I relate to the events and feelings in the stories I feel like I could not describe them so well.

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    1. You are correct, I think I’ve found many people that have crossed my path, touched me in some way and left a mark. I think the core of my writing is part observational and part guess work. I’m glad that it resonates. I hope that at the core of what I explore is something universal, a shared experience. I really appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts!

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      1. I don’t know all the technical theories regarding “good” writing but I know that sometimes writing that affected me made me think, “Someone else experienced this? Or thought this, too? It isn’t just me?”

        That’s how I felt reading some of your posts. So I am sure that you ARE touching on universal experiences, I just didn’t realize that some of my experiences were universal ones. Silly me! That is the type of thing I can learn from good writing, like yours!

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