Need That We Wage Wars Over

How do I describe this.

I’m not sure that the words exist to properly covey what it is I wish to commit to these pages. Not even convinced that these pixels or parchment or painted walls are befitting of such emotion, such obsession, such need to speak truth of what the fire is and why it exists, and it does, within us all.

Interconnected, crossing paths, crashing headlong from our “I”s and “Me”s to our “Us”s and “We”s. Biological imperative? Fate? The will or hand of some omnipotent energy, loving or vengeful?

God damn dumb luck?

We need “We”. Hard wired and hand forged for another, or others. Long term, committed, soul mate, cherished until we pass within hours of each other to meet again in the other plane. Short term, one-night, FWB, you’ll do until, settle for, nothing better will, nothing better will…

Or someone for this facet, another for this hue, this to tickle that fancy and that one to hold close in the waning light of a lone candle.

The combinations, opportunities, points of view, moral and immoral possibilities are vast…possibly infinite. We are not creatures born to thrive alone. Our bodies, minds and hearts ache with an emotion powerful as tangible hunger. We make choices based on flawed logic, flawed emotion. We seek respite through destructive means, we self-medicate with choices that gleam in the light of day as regret.

Yet, when we do connect, when someone enters our world with even a hint of honest compatibility, the power of those moments can change all the world. Often, those moments turn into lives and stories and adventure and rapture and lives lived, as we.

Love without fear or judgement or condition. True honest love. That elusive need that we wage wars for, paint cities over, open our timid hearts to, sometimes repeatedly, sometimes one time too few.

Love is imperfect, exactly as we are…imperfect. Love is the soft touch, the solitary tear, the open wound, the fiery sunset, even the walking away.

We tie our flies, cast our line in the pristine waters of hope and pray that the solitude of just that moment gives us the ability to feel the subtle tug on the line.

If only the din would be broken by the quiet whisper in a vast crowd…”That’s her. That one! Say hello.”

But that doesn’t even happen in the movies, does it?

2 thoughts on “Need That We Wage Wars Over

  1. I have often wished life came with an instruction book. Today you do ABC and Tomorrow you do XYZ. Wouldn’t that make it easy? Wouldn’t that make it boring? The same with connecting with people. Who is right for me? Have I already missed them? Will they ever show up? Is this THE ONE? We are all blind when it comes to love and relationships, and must just aimlessly feel our way through the dark, occasionally grabbing onto the wrong person for comfort and solace, hoping the right will come soon. Keep grabbing in the dark. If I happen to find you, I’ll wrap my arms around your neck and give you the BIGGEST squeeze you’ve ever received. Then, my hands might wander elsewhere, just saying. 😉

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  2. It happens just as you described…sporadically, magically, unexpectedly and honestly. Those moments…face to face – you wouldn’t trade them for anything would you? I think greed or desire for more steps in between us and the real experience and meaning of those moments and dilutes our mind to the real gift that those moments held.

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