Seconds Of Fluttering Hearts

I was introduced to you last night…in my dreams.

I was drawn to you, not understanding why at first, beyond your beauty. You had an aura or cast a spell. There is even the small chance that we were put in the same space, at that moment, because divinity knew all along, that this was always meant to be.

I didn’t catch you name, but I was sure that I caught your eye. You seemed shy, but not guarded, mysterious without being aloof. When I blinked…you were gone.

Then we collided again. This time, I think the chance meeting was so unexpected, yet carried such possibility, that we both were flustered, in that gentle, adorable way. It was still, not an introduction. We both parted, after those few stammering seconds of fluttering hearts and stammering tongues. I walked off breathless and angry at myself for not asking, not engaging…

As kismet would have it (or was it your sly plan all along), we met, yet again. This time you delivered something to my workplace. A bag with something or other, not for me, but the entire office. In the bottom of the bag, it was your card. It was your name, or so I hoped.

I chased after you, called out that name on your card…and you turned, smiled and blushed a shade.

And in return, I offered my name, confident that we would choose a path of together…just before I woke.

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