Of Men and Gods Alike

It’s alright, we can be free now.

Free to indulge in all the things we were once so afraid to explore. It’s actually funny to me that we were ever afraid, now that you are here with me. Now it feels like it was always meant to be. Like it was written as so. Natural, effortless, pre-destined.

Your touch upon my skin send shivers through me. The feel of your lips against mine, timeless and perfect. Your body responds to me like an instrument I have spent a lifetime attempting to play, and an eternity to perfect. The music we make is ephemeral and exquisite, a melody and harmony to break the hearts of men and gods alike.

The instinctual way we intertwine, intermingle, meld…it leaves us both breathless and thrilled, becoming something together never fathomed as one. This moment is a testament to what heartfelt pairing, human love and beastly lust can achieve. Nothing can come between you and I, my beautiful creature, we are finally free to our heart’s most deepest longing. We are the sole guides to what we have sought for our entire lives…a perfect moment, just as this will be.

With such an unfettered path before us, we are at ease with becoming lost to the world around us, to fulfill the pursuit that our souls were born of stardust to complete. A love that makes each other whole.

Now, we can be free.

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