A Caged Animal Is Always Dangerous

Blinded to the room by black silk.

Bound to the bedposts, prone to any indulgence I desire.

The sting of hot wax, the soothing shock of a whiskey-soaked ice cube?

The shiver-thrill of the feather, the gentle electricity of skin, glancing skin.

My breath, allowing you to almost track me, the anticipation a glorious anguish.

A tender kiss felt on the thigh, like a bolt through the body and slick flame between your legs. Straining against the soft knots that hold you.

the scent and sensation of warm oil poured languidly on your skin, rough hands massage smoothly over your body, your breasts, your aching nipples.

You arch your back to meet my touch, you inhale sharply as the feel of my confident intention ignites your wild soul.

Yet, your beast is caged, your body restrained…and a caged animal is always dangerous.

As are you, I hear it in your breath. Heavy, feral, primitive.

The rise of that monster inside you…tied, blinded, teased.

Your vain struggle against the ties is met with my all out onslaught of your wet, swollen clit with my warm mouth.

You scream out at the immediate overload of shock and pleasure and heightened senses.

Your body arches as you cum, riding my face as best you can while powerless to move.

You beg for a moment of respite as wave after relentless wave rock you, your plea met with even more wreckage from my wicked tongue.

Your cries go silent, as the quiet scream grips you in the brilliance of exquisite agony. Pure, unrefined pleasure as seismic event.

As you return to this world, your body and mind unsure, however brief, of your capacity for more,  you feel my hot breath at your cheek…

In my voice, a tone lacking any sympathy,  a feeling that no quarter shall be granted, as I softly whisper…

“Oh, Sweetheart. We are just beginning.”

You writhe at those words…



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