Ghosts of Embers

I woke up today only to find ash in the web.

The soot from a falling sky, dusting “what once was” on a world in slumber.

The faint aroma of shampoo and cigarettes and willful arrogance wafting through the acrid air.

The silence accosting me like that after a snowfall, muted, tender…agnostic to its effect.

It would be simple, almost a comfort, to ease myself into a warm bath of bitterness and apathy, my longest held companions, but I will fight the fading of my heart.

I will embrace this passing, lean into this high speed collision.

Understanding, in my waning years, that a cold bed still rewards with a sleep that the unforgiving ground does not.

That a web of ash, has still caught something…ghosts of embers.


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