Pages of Melody

I had swiped left so many times now, I think I wore a grove in my screen.

It’s not that I have impossible standards, it’s that most people can’t capture their magic in a profile photo.

Then I saw yours.

I saw it in your eyes…pure earthen spellcraft.

I swiped right and then went to find your full profile. It was exquisite. It was not the small-talk-din-of-pure-nothing that most write…you wrote smooth silk, you wrote warm brandy. Your words were both a puzzle and a road map. You painted your longing, you sculpted your desire, your forged a portrait of strength and sweet vulnerability with the smith of your words.

You didn’t lay out in monotone, a gray diagram, explaining the preferences and the parameters of your next companion…no, you designed pages of melody and gifted it to the world, knowing that once it found the harmony, it would return to you.

You broke open your heart, and masterfully pieced together a mosaic that  resonated as it whispered your perfect words.

You send a call to your tribe, those that feel you, even through the sterile blue-light of a mobile device.

Perhaps, you will come across my page…and hear the harmony of my song.

When you do, message me whatever you are feeling…my soul will know who you are.

Who we are.



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