My Sinning Ways…

I sin. 

It’s my nature.

I wouldn’t say I’m unrepentant. Often I find my transgressions regrettable. Are my actions compulsive, impulsive or simply ingrained as defiance of the mundane?

I am not a life taker, though I am sure I have drained the life from some. I do not force myself on the unwilling, the unwitting or the weak.

My sins are built on a foundation of pride, gluttony and lust. That is my natural habitat, my playground.

Willful arrogance, a hunger for the unmentionable and the absence of anything resembling satisfaction.

These are dangerous traits, flaws that are at constant odds with longevity, contentment and acceptance.

Go on, ask me how many fucks I give…

My sinning ways have been the gateway to experience, my path to an immoral enlightenment. My sins make me.

I sin.

So do you, I know this.

We can smell our own kind.

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